The minute we stepped off the plane here in Mt. Hagen we were in full production mode. Thankfully we had a night to recover in Port Moresby before arriving here and the jet lag had somewhat worn off. Both Kayla and i did however wake up at 3am for the first few mornings.

Brad Wells' ministry is constantly moving and there is always something exciting going on. The last few days has been their annual kids camp. Many decisions have been made for Christ and there have been some tremendous shot opportunities that I can't wait to put into the film!

Tomorrow we will be getting some aerial shots with Bro Matt Allen. Pray for safety if you would. They are taking the doors off the plane so that I can have a wide field of view from which to shoot. 

Uploading videos from here has proven to be quite tedious but I will try to post some sample footage soon.

Thanks for your prayers!

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