The minute we stepped off the plane here in Mt. Hagen we were in full production mode. Thankfully we had a night to recover in Port Moresby before arriving here and the jet lag had somewhat worn off. Both Kayla and i did however wake up at 3am for the first few mornings.

Brad Wells' ministry is constantly moving and there is always something exciting going on. The last few days has been their annual kids camp. Many decisions have been made for Christ and there have been some tremendous shot opportunities that I can't wait to put into the film!

Tomorrow we will be getting some aerial shots with Bro Matt Allen. Pray for safety if you would. They are taking the doors off the plane so that I can have a wide field of view from which to shoot. 

Uploading videos from here has proven to be quite tedious but I will try to post some sample footage soon.

Thanks for your prayers!
After a couple days in Lancaster, CA shooting some video for Lancaster Baptist Church we headed off to NAB in Las Vegas. It is a large annual convention for all things filmmaking and media. I was a great experience and although we only spent one full day there, we came away with a lot of helpful information.

Check out some of the photos.
We had a 2-day trip to Lancaster where we got some shots for their upcoming 25th Anniversary video. Larry Chappell and I tried some various methods of getting some moving shots:
Today is the last time we'll be in Boise until nearly the end of May. My wife Kayla and I have our bags packed, our equipment checked, batteries charged, immunizations, and fruit gushers - for the road. We will drive tomorrow morning to Lancaster, CA, hopefully arriving tomorrow evening - yes, we're making the drive in one day. 

Once in Lancaster we will be shooting video for several days for Lancaster Baptist Church's 25th Anniversary video. We will be there shooting till Tuesday the 12. After that we will drive down to Orange County and spend some time with a pastor friend of ours, Aaron Gehlken. 

We are taking advantage of the fact that we have a couple days to ourselves and we're going to spend them at the Happiest Place on Earth :) Kayla hasn't been there in 4 years and it has been 3 for me. We're excited for a little break between the Lancaster shoot and the month long shoot in PNG.

On Friday the 15th we will board a plane at 10:15 in the evening and fly all night to Auckland, New Zealand. From there it is a short flight to Brisbane, Australia and then we head to Port Moresby, PNG. We will stay the night in POM and then fly to Mt. Hagen where we will finally meet up with Brad Wells.

Please keep us in your prayers as there are SO many logistics that need to fall into place!

Just yesterday we had the privilege of shooting an interview with Mark Gerosin. He and his family are heading to Colombia, South America as missionaries at the end of this month. They spent the last 16 months traveling the country raising support for their upcoming work. Mark gave us an insightful look into the process of deputation and the ups and downs of life on the road.